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The "ALL 100" Scripture Mastery CD contains: 

  • 400 scripture mastery pictures

  • 100 scripture mastery jigsaw puzzles

  • 100 desktop wallpaper pictures 

  • 4 computer slideshows

  • 24 computer screensavers (with LDS hymns)

  • 24 computer screensavers (without hymns)

  • 4 scripture mastery guides

  • Adobe Acrobat scripture mastery documents

  • An easy-to-use menu system

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

...all for just $16.95!

You will receive:


  • 100 pictures with keywords and scripture references

  • 100 pictures with references but no keywords

  • 100 pictures with keywords but no references

  • 100 pictures without keywords or references

These beautiful pictures can be used in handouts, activities, talks, games, flash cards, etc.


Very fun -- and easy to use. Students use their computer mouse to assemble the jigsaw pieces. 

There is a separate puzzle for each of the 100 scripture mastery scriptures.

Click here to play the puzzle for Jacob 2:18-19.


10 for each Seminary year to support five different computer screen resolutions -- 5 have LDS hymn accompaniments and 5 are silent. 

Each screensaver contains pictures (with keywords and scripture mastery references) for all 25 scripture mastery scriptures from that Seminary year.

There are also 8 "ALL 100" screensavers (4 with LDS hymn accompaniment and 4 are silent). They randomly display all 100 scripture mastery pictures from all 4 Seminary years.


A great way to easily learn scripture mastery scripture references and keywords.

They're quick and easy to change, too.


One for each Seminary year -- showing all 25 scripture mastery scriptures from that Seminary year.


...that lists the scripture reference, keywords, complete scripture text, and explanation of the picture associated with that scripture mastery scripture.


The menu system uses your Internet browser (you do not have to be online to use it).

All you have to do is point and click -- to install screensavers, change your computer's background pictures, try your hand at completing a jigsaw puzzle, or copy and use one of the scripture mastery pictures.


There are printed instructions in the case, text instructions you can print, an Adobe Acrobat version of instructions, and instruction information that is just a click away when you're using the CD.


You may share many of the pictures, screensavers, jigsaw puzzles, and files with your Seminary students. (Complete guidelines are found on the "ALL 100" CD.)

You can create unique (and inexpensive) birthday or Christmas CD's for your students!  

  • Copy the 25 scripture mastery computer jigsaw puzzles, a screensaver, and a desktop wallpaper picture for each student (from the current Seminary year) -- for just the cost of a blank CD (as low as $0.20)!

  • Create new birthday or Christmas CD's for your students every year (for just the cost of blank CDs)!

  • Unique, scripture-oriented, and inexpensive.  It's the perfect gift combination!

The "ALL 100" Scripture Mastery CD is for PCs using Windows (or Macintosh computers that can read PC CDs).

The "ALL 100" Scripture Mastery CD contains 615 megabytes of resources for you to use! (The only storage space required on your hard drive, though, is to install one or more scripture mastery screensavers.)

Some quick cost calculations...

  • IF...
    the 400 scripture mastery pictures were the only items on this CD you would be paying just 4 cents per picture!

  • IF...
    the 100 computer scripture mastery jigsaw puzzles were the only items on this CD you would be paying just 16 cents per puzzle!

  • IF...
    the 100 computer scripture mastery background pictures were the only items on this CD you would be paying just 16 cents per background!

  • IF...
    the 48 scripture mastery screensavers were the only items on this CD you would be paying just 33 cents per screensaver!

  • But... 
    you actually receive all 648 items on one CD -- plus the ability to create high quality and inexpensive gifts for each of your students all 4 years!  (Plus instructions, the easy-to-use menu system, and additional Adobe Acrobat resources.)

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