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New Testament Seminary Theme Bookmarks

Bookmarks (that print equally well in color or black and white)
with the possible theme for your New Testament Seminary year:
"I will make a difference because
of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

(The statement is from a challenge from Pres. Hinckley to the youth
of the church given at the Special Member Fireside following
the Jubilee prior to the dedication of the
Manhattan New York Temple.)

(Adobe Acrobat file: 215K)

An "Invitation to Seminary" Card

Adobe Acrobat version           PowerPoint version

A personal way to invite your students to attend Seminary.
The front, back, and inside left page contain scripture mastery pictures.
The right inside page leaves you enough room to personalize
each student's invitation.

Prints equally well in color or black-and-white.
Fold paper in half twice to make a card.
(One card per page.  Fits standard card envelopes.)

There are two versions of this invitation card.
(The PowerPoint version is flipped upside down,
so you can add an additional message easily.)

Parent's Glue-In

A glue-in quotation (from Elder Spencer J. Condie)
for you to give the parents of your Seminary students.

Prints equally well in color or black-and-white.
Six glue-in quotations per page.  (The actual glue-ins are larger
than the picture shown above.)


"Four Imperatives for Religious Educators"

A mini-poster (8.5x11") containing quotations 
from an address by President Hinckley 
to religious educators.

You can download either an Adobe Acrobat copy
or a .jpg graphic copy.

(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file: 424K; .jpg file 433K)

Graphical Glue-Ins

Twelve New Testament graphical glue-ins
(each General Conference quotation is "tied"
to a New Testament scriptural reference).

Glue-in quotations from President Gordon B. Hinckley,
President Thomas S. Monson, Elder Dallin H. Oaks,
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, Elder Ronald T. Halverson, 
Elder Dale E. Miller, and Elder Carl B. Pratt.

(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file: 451K)

"Setting Goals" Glue-In Quotations

Quotations about the importance of setting and achieving goals.
Contains quotations from President Spencer W. Kimball,
President Ezra Taft Benson, Elder Neal A. Maxwell,
Elder John H. Vandenberg, and Elder Delbert L. Stapley.

(An Adobe Acrobat file: 25K)

"Christmas Scriptures" and "Christmas Hymns" Activities

Two fun and unique Christmas activities!

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file includes:
*  A Christmas Scriptures "shapes activity"
*  A Christmas Hymns "shapes activity"
*  Instructions
*  Answers (to both activities)

(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file: 483K)

New Testament End-of-Year Certificates

These certificates print well in both color and black-and-white.

(NOTE: If you have difficulties downloading any of these files, 
please try RIGHT-clicking your mouse, save the file to your hard drive,
and then open it from your hard drive.)

Outstanding Attendance

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of Appreciation

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Outstanding Punctuality

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