Scripture Mastery Keyword Game


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When playing the game, click on the "New Scripture" button for another scripture (with blank keywords).  Scriptures are chosen randomly from among the 25 scripture mastery scriptures.

The example below shows an Old Testament version of the game being played.


When you click on one of the remaining letters (or the comma), everywhere that letter appears in that scripture mastery keyword will be filled in.  For example, in the picture the following letters have been guessed by the player: "I, M, A, G, O, D"  If the player selects the letters "E" and "F," this round will end. 

Please note that the comma is considered as a separate letter for purposes of this game. (For example, the keywords "Revelation, Face to Face" require the comma to be selected before that round will end and be scored.)


When you have completely guessed all of the letters in the keyword(s), the scripture and keyword(s) are displayed together on the screen:


After completing the scripture mastery keyword(s), one of the following messages will be displayed underneath the "New Scripture" button.

Players may click on the "New Scripture" button at any time and begin working on new scripture mastery keyword(s).

Students can play individually or against each other. The player who makes the fewest incorrect choices wins.


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